**Attention Amazon Sellers Who are Serious About Rapid Growth and Profitability**
Rapidly Scale Your Amazon Business and Leapfrog Over Your Competitors Using The Same “Secrets” That Were Once Only Accessible to Global Brands
Introducing China Magic - A Product Sourcing Trip, Mentoring, and Mastermind Experience Like Nothing Ever Before
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Hey Amazon seller,

Want to know the real “secret” that lets massive brands undercut and outsell the competition… even while staying highly profitable?

If you think it’s branding…

Their huge ad budgets…

Or their traffic and rankings…


Their ability to outsell and undercut relies nearly 100% on just these 2 “simple” things.

Two simple, yet game-changing tactics that most competitors could never replicate. 

Almost like a “secret weapon” that no one else could access.

Before I share these 2 “secret weapons” with you, I want you to think about something for a moment…

Think of the last time you saw a new product pop up.

At first, the pricing seems too high.

And people complain. 

So the company drops the price… to an unsustainable rate that CUTS THEIR PROFITS.

One of two things happens.

They either figure out a way to reduce their production and sourcing costs…

Or they struggle with cash flow until they eventually go out of business because there just isn’t enough profit left to stay in business… let alone scale.

We see this more and more as the Amazon seller’s space becomes more and more crowded.

And the new way to “compete” is by dropping your pricing.

Like a race to the bottom. 

But a race that nearly everyone is losing… everyone except a select few.

So who wins? 

The elite few that know exactly what it takes to outsell and undercut their competitors while maintaining unbeatable profitability.  

Those elite few are the businesses that are sourcing better products at better prices than their competitors ever will.

So they can compete in the modern Amazon landscape AND maintain practically unheard of profitability.  

The ONLY WAY to do that is by sourcing directly from the top manufacturers in China. 

Now, getting into these manufacturers and factories requires relationships, cultural understanding, and experience.

And although Alibaba is a great resource, it will NEVER get you the quality, pricing, speed, and reliability that an in-person relationship will (more on that in a second).

That’s why only global brands used to be able to access these manufacturers and factories…

It used to take years of trial and error, learning the culture, volumes of orders coming through, and multiple trips to China visiting over 500 factories to find the very best.  

You’ll notice I said “used to.”

Because now a select few of you can access what used to be only available to global brands - now cheaper and faster than ever before.

I’d like to introduce you (and invite you) to China Magic - an experience that will give you direct access to…
  • Over 35 years of combined experience sourcing for global brands
  • The results of personally visiting over 500 factories all across China
  • ​China’s top manufacturers and factories
  • World-leading sourcing experts and Amazon sellers who will guide and coach you to developing your soon-to-be manufacturing relationships
  • Mentoring breakout sessions with world-leading experts to help you profitably scale your brand
  • Professional guidance for finding and sourcing the hottest products at the best prices
  • Mastermind sessions with elite Amazon sellers
  • ​The brand new Lifestyle Expo 
  • ​Being personally guided through The Canton Fair
  • ​… and more
Welcome to the 12-day sourcing, manufacturing, and mastermind trip to China led by world-leading sourcing experts and internationally renowned Amazon mentors like Kian Golzari and Marty Sherman, Dan Ashburn, Tomer Rabinovich, and Angie Chacon.

Product development and sourcing experts who have personally sourced over 2,500 products for global brands such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Tesco, Argos, Aldi, and the list goes on

Experts who have developed, launched, and scaled multiple brands on Amazon themselves…

Who have sold and managed over $175MM in combined annual Amazon sales. 

These are highly-sought after leaders who speak at international events and are paid top-dollar to coach, consult, and mentor Amazon sellers around the world. 

It took me 4 years of research, trips, and relationship building to compile the team that will be guiding and mentoring you on China Magic. 

So you can piggyback off their knowledge and experience to help you leapfrog over your competitors with speed and predictability

Now it’s time I introduce you to them…

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Meet The World-Leading Sourcing and Manufacturing Experts Who Will Be Guiding and Mentoring You
Athena Severi
    She’s dedicated her life to researching, organizing, and building relationships to connect driven entrepreneurs with the right people who can guide them to make life and business changing shifts -- shifts towards more profit, prosperous relationships, and ultimate freedom.
Dan Ashburn
    Dan Ashburn and his industry-leading team are responsible for delivering 8-figures in annual sales on Amazon. He is an international speaker, advisor, co-founder of Titan Network, head mentor on China Magic and overall badass.
Kian Golzari
    Kian Golzari is one of the world’s leading product development and sourcing experts who has personally sourced over 2,500 products for global brands such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Tesco, Argos, Aldi, and the list goes on. 
Tomer Rabinovich
    Tomer started selling on Amazon 4 years ago with no background in online sales. For the past few years, he has continued to seek out new strategies and tactics to develop his business with a modern approach. When not working, Tomer enjoys speaking at different events around the world and spending time with his wife and kids.
Jamie Davidson
    Jamie sells over $100 million annually on Amazon and began selling in 2011… $100 MILLION!!
Moshe Neuman
    Moshe is a multiple 8-figure seller ($25+ million) and a walking encyclopedia of all things Amazon. He’ll be sharing his knowledge like an “open book” during China Magic.
Lyden Smithers
    Lyden directs 12 brands globally in almost every Amazon marketplace and does 8 figures in sales annually.
Andrew Erickson
    Software engineer turned 7-figure Amazon seller, Andrew specializes in using automation and market testing for product development.
Alycia Shapiro
    Running an ecom business since 2003, Alycia has sold ~$40M in physical products online. She is a mom of 3 and has successful businesses on Amazon and Shopify. Alycia's superpower is understanding people which informs both product selection and copyrighting. As a mentor, she excels at breaking things down into simple, easy to understand tasks and helping people identify the best way forward for them in their business.
Melisa Vong
    Melisa Vong is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder, mentor and investor in multiple 6-figure and 7-figure E-Commerce brands in the Beauty and Health space.
Marty Sherman
    Over 20 years experience conducting business in China. He offers priceless expertise on markets and what they offer, exporting from China, business culture and doing business with the locals there.
Danny McMillan
    Danny is the host of Seller Sessions, the largest podcast for advanced Amazon sellers. A world renowned public speaker and veteran Amazon Seller. Danny's company manages PPC and advertising automation for 6, 7 & 8 figure Amazon brands.
Ramin Golzari
    Ramin is a business growth and strategy specialist. He has a vast experience in selling it into national retail stores. He is CEO of Highlander Outdoor which has over 2,500 products in its portfolio, selling into over 40 countries. His strategy and planning have resulted in securing major sport licensing deals and military contracts. “nothing scales without structure, and no structure succeeds without strategy”.
Brendan Pettit
    Brendan Pettit is a 7-figure seller who started in 2013. He is an offensive strategist that loves solving problems and creating a playbook for growth. Over his 6 year journey, he has become highly skilled in a number of areas including PPC, keyword research, product research, automation, ManyChat, and more. 
I’ll be joining you, too, of course! 

If you don’t know me yet *gasp* - I’m Athena Severi.

See, I’m in the “relationship business.” 

I’ve dedicated my life to researching, organizing, and building relationships to connect driven entrepreneurs with the right people who can guide them to make life and business changing shifts -- shifts towards more profit, prosperous relationships, and ultimate freedom.
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Timing Is Everything, That’s Why China Magic Coincides With The Canton Fair - The Largest Sourcing Fair On The Planet
We could take you to China anytime… but the most valuable time that’s ripe with opportunity is during The Canton Fair (and it only happens twice per year).

The Canton Fair is the planet’s largest sourcing fair that brings together the best manufacturers from all across China.
But, attending The Canton Fair can be daunting… especially with language or cultural barriers, not knowing what to research and questions to ask, or even knowing where to start.
That’s why sourcing and manufacturing experts Kian Golzari and Marty Sherman be personally guiding you through the fair.
They’ll be helping you get in front of the right manufacturers, ask the right questions, and negotiate the right way (it’s very different than what most people are used to). ← Kian and Marty’s specialty!

During just a one hour conversation at The Canton Fair you can hammer out production and pricing details that would take literally months through Alibaba or email.
There are some production details you simply cannot handle virtually -- that’s why leading brands physically visit their manufacturers in China…
Like rapid product iterations, material changes, touching and handling physical products, and true-to-life color selection -- things no image can truly get across.
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
You Could See an Immediate ROI Before You Even Leave China
Many China Magic attendees experience an immediate ROI during the Canton Fair alone.

Ever have a product order messed up that cost you thousands… or spent $10,000 buying the wrong product?

One of our last attendees added $26,000 in profit to his first order right after he got back from China Magic… 

All because of the new relationship he built that helped him source a better version of his leading product at a wildly cheaper price

And then there’s Justin, a China Magic “alumni,” who dropped this message on Facebook,
“Absolutely epic trip in April. Going to save us at least $100k this year alone PLUS the growth of our business.

Something he never would have been able to do without the personal guidance, support, and coaching from our team of mentors and experts like Kian and Marty who have a combined 40 years experience sourcing and manufacturing in China. 

Speaking of mentoring… You’ll also have 1-on-1 mentoring with your team of experts… 

AND group mastermind sessions (I’ll touch on that in a second).

Checkout this recent feedback from 3 past China Magic attendees (including Justin) 👇

Experience New Mentoring Breakout Sessions Every Night To Help You Scale With Precision
Here’s where your expert mentors like Dan Ashburn, Kian Golzari, Moshe Newman, Lyden Smithers, Marty Sherman, and Angie Chacon really shine. 

You’ll be sitting with your laptop open and have the captive attention of the mentor who will be guiding your nightly Mentoring Breakout Session.
Each session is led by different mentors, so you have an incredibly rare opportunity to work closely alongside Dan on one night, and Moshe or Marty the next night - each within their specific area of expertise. 

Each night you’ll go deeper and deeper inside the critical areas of your business you need to master in order to scale with precision.

All your mentors are an “open book” and will be revealing the successes (and failures) they’ve had along their scaling journey.

You’ll be implementing your learnings right there on-the-spot to make changes, shifts, or tactical adjustments to help you…
  •  Increase your sales
  •  Pump up your profits
  •  Maximize your marketing
  •  Boost your rankings and conversion
  •  Scale your brand
The format of our Mastermind Breakout Sessions helped one China Magic attendee double… yes, DOUBLE HER REVENUE from $20k/mo. to $40/k mo. by making one subtle, yet powerful, change to her business that she made on-the-spot.

These nightly Mentoring Breakout Sessions are one of the most valuable parts of China Magic because you get to piggyback off the strategies your mentors have proven and fast-track your growth.

Plus, you’ll be learning directly from the fellow elite entrepreneurs you’ll be traveling with during our Mastermind Sessions (we all sign NDAs and create a safe and respectful space for everyone).

🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Mastermind With Other Elite Amazon Sellers And Your Team of World-Leading Mentors
Unlike traditional masterminds where the leaders are reserved…

Dan and the team of mentors are an “open book.”

They expose themselves and their businesses to help you avoid their mistakes and learn from their successes.
Every single one of them is here for one simple reason -- to help you...
  •  Increase cash flow
  •  Drive up profits
  •  Scale faster  
Plus, you’ll be able to learn from your fellow Amazon sellers. 
You’ll learn the latest, most effective tactics and techniques to keep you light-years ahead of your competitors. 

Dan, an Amazon Expert who's company manages 8-figures in Amazon sales per year across 10+ brands, will cover everything from PPC, advertising and marketing strategies, Amazon sponsored ads, brand building, listing optimization, conversion tactics, and how to increase rankings and reviews 
Each session is like drinking from a fire-hose, so be sure to bring your laptop and take notes. 

These value-packed sessions are like getting an MBA in Amazon sales in just a few hours…

Now as you can see, it’s a pretty tight-knit group we’ve created.

That’s why we simply have to restrict attendees to just 60 people. 
*Registration is Limited* Only 60 Attendees Allowed

This is not marketing hype, we need to cap registration for a few reasons.

Our goal is to create a tight-knit experience that allows everyone to develop life-long relationships with fellow Amazon sellers.
We’ve also found that 60 people is the sweet spot that allows each and every person to get personal interaction and guidance from our team of mentors and experts.
And of course, there’s logistics. Between hotels, busses, transportation, and the group flight - 60 is the most we can handle.

Did I mention hotels? Sorry... but you’ll be ruffing it ;) NOT! 

🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Get Red Carpet Treatment and Experience China in Luxury (fully tax-deductible!)
We roll out the red carpet for you starting with a group flight from LA, the UK, or Australia - let the adventure begin!

We’ll pick you up in a luxury coach bus, so we can all travel to the hotel together...
You’ll be staying in 5-star hotels like The Four Seasons and the Kerry Hotel where we’ll have cappuccinos and Perrier waiting for you. 
All of the logistics are handled for you, so all you have to do is show up. 

Breakfast buffets, dinner, and drinks are included!
Plus, you’ll have night life experiences and cultural immersion opportunities, so you can experience all that China has to offer. 
And to top it all off, we’ll be taking you on a cruise… on a pirate ship! 
You Can Try and Ignore The Hype... But You Can’t Ignore These REAL Results From China Magic Alumni 

Eric Toohey, 
Alumni, CM2

"I didn't even want to go to China, I thought I had a good supplier and didn't need to. Between what I found at the fair and the masterminding, I will 10x my business and I can't recommend China Magic enough. THIS is the trip to go on. I had friends go to Canton on their own and they did not get results like these"

Aaron C., 
Alumni, CM2

"I applied what I learned from the event in China to three of my products. It doubled my sales, literally in two days!"
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
The Easiest Travel Experience, Even If You Haven’t Left The Country or Don’t Like Traveling
After you claim your spot with China Magic, we’ll continue the red carpet treatment and act as your personal travel agent :)

Meet Samantha Elkin.
Sam will personally help you…
  •  Book your flights
  •  Arrange any necessary transportation
  •  Book your hotels
  •  Get your Chinese Visa
  •  … and more
Plus, we have a pre-event training to help you get 100% prepared for your trip!

My entire team and I are committed to taking care of you and making the entire experience as easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling as possible!
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Is China Magic Right For Me?
China Magic is NOT for every Amazon business. It is designed to help a very specific type of Amazon seller, and it’s important for all the sellers on the trip to be in similar stages of their business development so we can get the most from the Mastermind sessions and group collaboration. 

If you are new to Amazon and haven’t launched a product, then China Magic isn’t for you (yet), but I’d love to have you join us when the timing is right for you and your business! (contact me, Athena, for other events I am planning to help you get there!)

China Magic is only for established Amazon sellers who:
  • ​Are actively selling on Amazon
  •  Have an established Amazon business
  •  Have LIVE products that are ranked
  •  Are producing revenue and profit
  •  Know the Amazon “game” and how the business model works
  •  Want to have the best possible products on Amazon 
  •  Are excited to collaborate and learn alongside fellow successful Amazon sellers
  •  Want to develop their business, scale, and overtake competitors
  • ​Are dedicated to serious growth
  • ​Recognize the value in developing long-lasting business relationships and partnerships in China
Sound like you? If you said, “yes” then scroll down and see what’s waiting for you on China Magic!
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Lodging and Travel Logistics

Your China Magic kicks off with an optional group flight from London or Los Angeles. Kirstie will help you coordinate and book your flights, even if you choose not to join us on the group flight (which you should!). Prices range from $500 to $800 (subject to change).

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou (October 23 - 27)

You’ll arrive in style on a coach bus with the group and have Perrier and Cappuccinos waiting for you. The Four Seasons Hotel is on the 70th - 103rd floor of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. 

Luxury accommodations include access to the Club Level, breakfast buffet, happy hour drinks, and exclusive rights to the 99th floor seminar room.

The Kerry Hotel Hong Kong (October 27 - 30)

The ultimate luxury experience continues after we travel as a group to Hong Kong. The Kerry Hotel provides easy access to the beach, shopping, sightseeing, and nightlife opportunities… plus jaw dropping views of Kowloon Bay and the surrounding skyline. We’ll be staying in Hong Kong for the Lifestyle Expo and our special group outings in the evening. 

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou (October 30 - Nov 4)

You’ll conclude your trip back at the Four Seasons for Phase III of the Canton Fair and more Mastermind sessions before your optional trip to Shanghai.

Room rates range from $150 - $200 per night when sharing. You will receive a special registration link to redeem your discounted rate. 

Breakfast, drinks and dinner included!
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Cheaper Than a 3-Day Mastermind, 4x Longer, and Over 10x The Value
Your “typical” masterminds are incredibly expensive.

I paid $8,500 for just 3 days in the Yiwu market (a number of years ago). 

It was worth every penny.

But I believe in providing at least 10x the value with any program or trip I’ve ever run.

So I set out to create an experience like none other - China Magic - that was 4x longer, with a team of world-leading mentors and guides, and deliver more 1-on-1 attention than anything before.

And I wanted to make it more affordable than any other remotely similar trip.

Not only affordable… almost laughably low. 

Since many China Magic alumni saw an immediate ROI of up to 40x before we even left China… 

China Magic is far cheaper (and a waaaay stronger investment) than a failed PPC or Amazon sponsored ad campaign...

How effective are those ad campaigns for you? 

Side note: During China Magic, you’ll learn tactics to drastically increase ROI on those campaigns.

And how about those bad product choices… we’ve all made them.

They can cost you $10,000+ between ordering, shipping, labeling, and advertising fees. 

I wanted to price China Magic cheaper than all the other trips and common costly mistakes that Amazon sellers have made

No, it’s not $34,000… ($8,500 for 3 days in Yiwu turned into a 12 day trip).

It’s not even $15,000…

In fact, I priced it for less than half of that - far less in fact.

So every attendee could see an ROI as fast as humanly possible. 

Here’s just a few examples of the INSANE ROI that China Magic alumni have experienced
  • Adding $20,000 in monthly revenue practically instantly with just a few minor tweaks
  • Saving over $100,000 on product sourcing annually
  • ​Learning how to 10x their return on ad spend through PPC and Amazon sponsored ads
  • ​Turned their positive review collection on auto-pilot (the right way)
  • ​Moved their top product rankings to page 1
  • ​Tweaked their listings to start converting from 32.9 - 61.25% 
  • Added $26,000 in profit to their first order from the a sourcing relationship in China
You too will experience this type of ROI if you join us on China Magic.

Heck, you’ll likely leave with a combination of these results.

Plus, you’ll be guided and mentored from 6 world-leading experts for 12 days…

And with each mentor normally billing $500 or more per hour, that’s a value of $60,000 or more (for just their time alone).

Like I said… I wanted to provide at least 10x the value of the program. 

So you can join China Magic for just $6,500 - and that includes breakfasts, dinners, and transportation. 

Here’s a reminder of what’s all included.

  • Pre-Event Training to Get You 100% Prepared and Ready
  •  Fully Guided 12 Days in China (so you don’t have to worry about anything except showing up)
  •  Buffet Breakfast, Dinner, Drinks
  •  6 Days at the Canton Fair (along with your mentors)
  •  2 Days at the Brand New Lifestyle Expo
  •  Mentoring Breakout Sessions
  •  Group Mastermind Sessions
  •  Factory Tours
  •  Nightly Outings
  •  The Undivided Attention of 6 World-Leading Experts
  •  … and more
Your only additional expenses (that should be fully tax-deductible) are airfare,  hotels, lunches, entry fees to the Canton Fair and Lifestyle Expo, and elective expenses during your travels. There are no refunds.
It’s really a no-brainer decision for Amazon sellers who are serious about out-selling their competitors, maintaining unbeatable profit margins, and setting their business up for a massive exit - the largest payday of their lives. 

But remember, when China Magic is full… it’s full. We are capped at **60 seats only** and they are filled on a first come, first served basis.
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
Everything That’s Included With The China Magic Experience
  • Pre-Trip BONUS Training Series
The Magic truly starts before we even leave for China! Our Pre-Trip BONUS Training Series will get you and your business fully prepared, primed, and focused on what you need to accomplish while in China.
  • Personal Help Coordinating Your Trip and Travel Plans
Samantha Elkin, your lovely trip coordinator, is standing by to help you book and coordinate any logistics, lodging, or transportation needs in addition to helping you obtain your VISA. She’ll make the entire planning process a breeze!
  • VISA Letter Invitation From Our Contacts in China
Between Samantha Elkin (your trip coordinator) and our relationships in China, we’ll help make your entire experience as easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling as possible!
  • Packing and Preparing Checklist and Support
We’ll make sure you leave for China fully prepared, packed, and ready to dive in. You’ll be provided with a complete library of resources from China Magic alumni to make it easy!
  • Transportation to the Hotel with Everyone on the Group Flight
All you have to do is step foot off the plane and we’ll take care of transportation to our 5-star hotel!
  • Most Transportation While in China and Hong Kong
We’ll take care of nearly all of your transportation needs. There’s only a few times you may need to coordinate on your own (more on that below).
  • 12-Day Mastermind with World-Renowned Experts, Top Amazon Sellers, and Sought After Speakers
Every day you’ll be accompanied by our world class China Magic Mentors and Leaders for deep-dive Mastermind sessions. Please reference your trip leader bios above :)
  • Hands-on Help and Guidance Through the Canton Fair
You’ll be joined by our team of Mentors, world-renowned sourcing experts, and thought leaders who have visited the Canton Fair countless times. Piggy back off their experience and fast-track your connections, relationships, and success by following their lead.
  • Nightly Mastermind Break Out Sessions
Each session is led by different mentors, so you have an incredibly rare opportunity to work closely alongside Dan on one night, and Moshe or Marty the next night - each within their specific area of expertise. Each night you’ll go deeper and deeper inside the critical areas of your business you need to master in order to scale with precision.
  • Group Dinners (most nights)
Join the group for networking, relaxation, and amazing company as we unwind for the night and enjoy delicious cuisine!
  • Special Outings, a Pirate Ship Cruise in Hong Kong, and More!
It’s not all business while we’re in China. We’re also there to have fun, explore, and have experiences you simply can’t have anywhere else - like a Pirate Ship Cruise in Hong Kong!  
  • VIP entry to Global Sources and Special Networking Event
Years of organizing China Magic has helped us build invaluable in-person relationships in China. You’ll tap into those relationships to experience VIP entry in Global Sources and a fun-filled networking event.
  • Special Halloween Event
Let loose, have fun, and celebrate Halloween during a special event we’ve planned that you’ll never forget!
  • China Magic After Party
Join the wrap party for a surprise event as we close the China Magic experience with a bang!
  • Interactive Facebook Group (ongoing, even after you get back from China)
The Magic doesn't stop when you leave China. As a China Magic alumni, you’ll be forever connected to “your people” who you shared 12 amazing days within our tight-knit, highly-engaged Facebook Group.
You’ll Be Responsible For...
  • Airfare
Approximately $600 - $700 round trip from LAX or London
  • Hotel
Four Seasons is approximately $185/night (plus tax) for a double occupancy room with an amazing breakfast buffet and dinner/drinks included. There are lesser expensive hotel options and even Airbnb options depending on one’s preference. 
  • Business Visa
Only $200 and we’ll help you through the whole process to make it easy :)
  • Train Ticket
You’ll be responsible for your train ticket fare from Guangzhou to Hong Kong ($85 round trip).
  • Lunch
Most people fill up on breakfast (included for those staying at the Four Seasons) and bring snacks or grab a to-go meal for the Canton Fair.
  • Outings, a Few Dinners, and Shopping
We’ve got everything covered except for your own discretionary splurging :) 
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
It’s Not “If” You Should Go to China… It’s How Soon, and How Effective Will Your Trip Be?
Take a look at practically every successful global brand you can think of.

Every single one of them found 1 single competitive advantage.

Apple - simplicity.

General Electric - leadership.

Amazon - convenience. 

Walmart - price.

So how did they find their #1 competitive advantage?

They didn’t play by the same rules as everyone else.

They created their own path to success by “breaking the mold” and daring to be different.

And you, as an Amazon seller, need to do the same thing.

If you play in the same sandbox as other Amazon sellers, you are guaranteed the same results (which are not looking great right now…).

It is ONLY by differentiating your approach and finding your competitive advantage that will give you a leg up on your competitors.

YOUR advantage awaits… it’s better products at better prices (with higher profit margins).

The only way to get better products at better prices is to develop in-person manufacturing relationships in China. 
So when you finally decide that you need to go to China to start sourcing your products, who will be there to guide you?

Are you going to go alone and try to “figure it out?” 

Are you confident you know the exact questions to ask and research to do so your products are made with consistency and reliability that you can truly control?

Do you know what to look for when you visit a factory?

Or how to negotiate and do business in the Chinese culture?

Trying to source your products alone in China is a recipe for major financial loss before you’ll see any true return.

But you don’t need to “figure it out.” 

Your team of world-leading sourcing and manufacturing experts like Marty and Kian already have.

Global brands have already paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the research for them (some over a million!).

Research and experience that you’ll immediately piggyback off of during China Magic.

So you can bypass the learning curve and fast-track your way to a successful manufacturing partnership in China.

It’s not “if” you need to go to China, it’s “when.” 

I’d like to help you do it NOW and provide you the expert guidance so you can have the most successful, profitable, long-lasting outcome possible.
Leapfrog Your Competitors and Live The Amazon Seller’s Dream Life 
The only way to compete in the modern Amazon marketplace is to offer competitive pricing. 

It doesn’t matter if you like it, or even if you agree - it’s simply the reality that we face.

As competitors are racing each other to rock bottom pricing, they are chopping themselves off at the knees.

Along with their pricing, they are slashing their profits…

They are stripping away their potential to truly live the Amazon seller’s dream of making money online from anywhere in the world. 

So you have a critical choice to make… 

You can choose to play the same games your competitors are…

Use the same resources like Alibaba…

And further sabotage your chances to truly scale your business and build a profitable brand…


You can give yourself an unfair advantage.

The advantage of better products at better prices than your competitors could even dream.

And you can do it all faster and more reliably than Alibaba, or anywhere online for that matter.

So you can not only outsell your competitors, but do so at better prices… all while getting higher rankings and better reviews

And as your competitors back peddle one or two steps at a time, you’ll be leapfrogging them left and right as your brand skyrockets to the top.

You’ll be able to sit back and thank yourself for taking the entrepreneurial path to excellence. 

The path that leads you to building lifelong manufacturing relationships to help you continue to launch new products faster and more profitably than ever before.

The path to living the true Amazon seller’s dream… the dream of true freedom

Freedom to exponentially increase your income, travel the world, work from anywhere, and one day sell your business for the BIGGEST PAYDAY OF YOUR LIFE.  

Now it’s decision time. Which path will you choose?

I hope to see you in China ;)

To your freedom, growth, and prosperity,
Athena Severi
Founder of China Magic
P.S. If you have any questions about China Magic, or are wondering if you’d be a good fit, I’d be happy to personally answer your questions. Just click here to set up a time to chat or call 818-984-1001.
🤩China Magic 6 is SOLD OUT 🤩 Join us in April?
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