China Magic 23rd Oct - 4th Nov* 2018
You Are Invited to the China Trip Like No Other
Spend 12 days with some of the most genuine, brilliant and successful people that have been hand selected for this trip
*Optional trip to Shanghai ;-) - Nov 4th - 6th
Aaron C.,
Alumni Attendee
"I applied what I learned from the event in China to three of my products. It doubled my sales, literally in two days!"
Build REAL Lasting Relationships With Powerful Sellers
 If you are reading this, then you are part of the few that have been personally invited. We look for positive people who are open, want to build each other up and have the right mind-set for success.

You build REAL lasting relationships with powerful sellers. This trip is not full of gurus. The mentors are real sellers who are killing it on Amazon and are giving you their real-time strategies that have allowed them to scale from zero to millions in a very short time. They are doing this to help.
Martin ("Marty") Sherman
Over 20 years experience conducting business in China. He offers priceless expertise on markets and what they offer, exporting from China, business culture and doing business with the locals there.
Kian Golzari
Kian has personally sourced 2500 products and visited 500 factories in China. 

He specializes in product development and works very closely with hundreds of factories across many product categories all over China. Having lived in the Far East for several years, he now visits regularly and organizes production for his family business, Highlander Scotland Ltd, in addition to starting his own company. As well as manufacturing for his brand, Kian has produced for the likes of London 2012 Olympics, United Nations, Ministry of Defence, NBA, NFL and secured image rights of soccer players such as Neymar. 

As well as this he has created brands and sold into a lot of the major retailers in the UK and Europe such as Tesco, Argos and Aldi to name a few.
Tomer Rabinovich
Tomer Rabinovich, 30 years old, from Israel. Tomer started selling on Amazon 2 years ago with no background in online sales.

Last year Tomer quit his job to put his entire focus on his Amazon business while developing his own tactics and strategies. Since last year he started traveling the world while masterminding with some of the biggest sellers on Amazon. When not working, Tomer spends most of his time with his wife and newborn son.
Special Guest (TBC)
The BIGGEST Amazon Seller in the industry I know
Dan Ashburn
Dan has been in Internet marketing for 15 years and owns multiple 7-figure businesses including a digital marketing agency serving multiple niches for the last 8 years. (He knows his sh*t)

His Amazon focussed business, Northbound Group, manages ~$1million in sales on Amazon per month and also has an Amazon seller coaching division, Northbound Academy, that has 300+ successful Amazon sellers as students.

Lyden Smithers who directs the production team within Northbound Group will be joining us on China Magic too. Lyden recently lead a brand from $0 to $200,000 per month in less than 12 months, just using!

Dan is a certified partner and specialises in traffic, audience building and scaling businesses.
Angie Chacon
Angie Chacon is a very successful Amazon Seller, Speaker and Mentor who also manufactures and understands how to grow a business from zero to many millions as she has done it several times.
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(23nrd Oct - 4th Nov*)
*Optional trip to Shanghai Nov 4th - 6th ;-)
Together We Are Stronger
This trip is about you - your personal growth along with some of the greatest minds of Amazon. These are the guys people hold up as examples of what is possible. They will be there, with you.

You will also get a chance to help the group. Everyone has their strengths and their superpowers - together we are stronger! The strategies, sourcing and real implementation tactics are priceless.
Eric Toohey,
Alumni, China Magic Spring 2017 Trip
"I didn't even want to go to China, I thought I had a good supplier and didn't need to. Between what I found at the fair and the masterminding, I will 10x my business and I can't recommend China Magic enough. THIS is the trip to go on. I had friends go to Canton on their own and they did not get results like these"
This Trip Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over
There is no hype, no fake promises. What sets this trip apart - we created a 12 day trip so you have enough time to understand the business culture of China, to walk the Canton Fair and find better prices for your existing products, as well as source new ones - many products that are not yet on the market, creating a huge advantage.
You Get A Chance to IMPLEMENT
Have you been to 3-4 day masterminds where you get so much info and then get home to a huge to-do list? At our trip we IMPLEMENT strategies right there! Our last trip blew everyone away - we are doing it again this fall and YOU are invited.
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(23rd Oct - 4th Nov*)
*Optional trip to Shanghai Nov 4th - 6th ;-)
Buisness AND Pleasure
See the Wonders of the World
Wanderlust is one of the most common traits in entrepreneurs. One of the many reasons people are in this business is to experience the wonders of the world.  

After four days in Guangzhou while the Fair breaks down to prepare for the next phase, the China Magic group will set off to the beautiful city of Hong Kong for four days of sightseeing and masterminding! 

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse and culturally rich cities on the planet. A rare mixture of Eastern and Western cultures, this city is a bucket list item. A wide selection of innovative trade shows are available for attendees to experience at their leisure. From Monkey Mountain to the authentic Hong Kong flea markets and prosperous Financial District, Hong Kong is a fascinating experience and an incredible backdrop to our unique masterminds. This experience will be like no other. 

By the end of this trip, you will know every other attendee on a first name basis, you will have life lasting friendships and more bonding experiences than you can count. 
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(23rd Oct - 4th Nov*)
*Optional trip to Shanghai Nov 4th - 6th ;-)
Schedule and Activities
Exclusive Access
You will have exclusive access to group discounted travel and accommodations. The China Magic Group will be staying in the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou.  Located in downtown Guangzhou the hotel is on the 70th through 103th floors of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, with a commanding view of the entire city and the famous Canton Tower. Luxury accommodations and access to the Club Level will be a part of your stay. We will have exclusive rights to their seminar room on the 99th floor. You will receive complimentary breakfast and happy hour daily as well as a free shuttle to and from the Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair is arranged in three phases lasting four days each, with four days in between each phase. The China Magic group will attend Phase II and Phase III of the Fair. We will travel to Hong Kong via bullet train in between Phase II and III, for four days of seminars and sightseeing. 

Arrive to Guangzhou: 22nd Oct
Travel to Hong Kong: 27th Oct
Return to Guangzhou: 30th Oct
Depart Guangzhou: 3rd Nov
Optional trip to Shanghai: 3rd Nov - 5th Nov

(Due to crossing the International Date Line, if you are departing from the Western Hemisphere, you will depart two days before your arrival date.)  

There will be a discounted group flight from Los Angeles that will enable you to travel with the majority of the group. 

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(23rd Oct - 4th Nov*)
*Optional trip to Shanghai Nov 4th - 6th ;-)
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