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🔴  NEW Advanced Training Series For Amazon Sellers [FREE] 
How Top Amazon Sellers

With Product Development, Sourcing, and Negotiation. Using Strategies That Most Sellers Don’t Even Know Exist 

7 - 8 Figure PER YEAR Amazon Sellers, 50+ years of combined professional experience
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"This is so good!" - Fiona

"I've now got a ton of differentiation ideas to build on my existing products" - Graham

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Discover how to maximize profits and solve cash flow problems once and for all in this brand new, 3-part LIVE Masterclass Series [FREE]
🎥 Part 1:
The Financial Ratios Of A Successful Amazon Business - How To Compete Profitably in Today's Market

Dan Ashburn, Justin Dyson, Lyden Smithers, Kian Golzari
Dan, Lyden and Justin do multiple
8-Figures in sales on Amazon per year and have been operating on Amazon for 8+ years
What You Will Discover:
  • The 3 KPIs in your Amazon business that matter most and determine your profitability
  • How to determine exactly where a product is at in its lifecycle and identify the “push and pull” actions you need to take for profitable growth
  • The “non-negotiable” SKU prioritization framework that only the top 1% of Sellers focus on religiously
🎥 Part 2:
Build Your Growth Flywheel - How To Increase Margins & Operating Cash To Compound Growth Faster

Dan Ashburn, Kian Golzari, Lyden Smithers, Lois Sargent
Kian is one of the industries leading product development and sourcing experts & Lois is a seasoned product development specialist working for companies including Habitat, Asos and more.
What You Will Discover:
  • The “specification” framework for product sourcing that can cut your cost of manufacturing by 50%
  • Top sourcing strategies that professional buyers use to cut COGS and maximize margins
  • How to negotiate payment terms like a boss and compound revenue growth faster in your business
🎥 Part 3:
Expand - Scale - Profit - The Secrets To Build A Diverse Product Portfolio For Financial Success On Amazon 

Dan Ashburn, Matt Phipps, Lyden Smithers, Kian Golzari
Matt has successfully built and sold one brand for multiple 7-figures and built a 2nd 7-figure brand in less than 12 months.
What You Will Discover:
  • How to survive the “culling”... and capitalize on the fresh opportunities it presents to you so you thrive in crisis and position yourself for stratospheric growth over the next 2-5 years
  • ​The 4 “product levels” that seperates Sellers with dwindling profits and growth from those who are dominating the market and highly-profitable 
  • The strategic approach to scaling profitably in TODAYS market

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Xtreme Power Brands is a Partnership as a service agency and network with 1k+ ecommerce service providers globally. Our goal is to help eCommerce brands and service providers grow, scale, and expand through partnerships.
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